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K-12 Education and Outreach

Our Education Outreach Working Group has created and collected resources to help introduce K-12 audiences to conservation.

Local Contacts

The Working Group has created a list of American Institute for Conservation (AIC) members willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Educators interested in contacting a local conservator to collaborate on workshops or presentations in the classroom, museum, or cultural heritage site should email the Working Group. A Working Group member will respond with contact information if someone is available in the area.

Interested members should send an email with the types of outreach they are willing to provide and best contact methods to the Working Group as well.

Web Resources

A listing of sources for lesson plans, online exhibits, interactives, and games, is available on our Wiki. Conservators may find this information useful in preparing workshops for the public or for students, or other outreach activities; museum educators and teachers can explore these links for ideas and concepts to introduce.

About the Education Outreach Working Group

The Education Outreach Working Group was formed in 2010 in response to member requests for information that would assist conservators or educators in presenting the field of conservation to a K-12 audience. Members who are interested in participating in the working group should send an email for more information.