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2013 Posters

You can download posters we have received from the Poster Session at the  41st Annual Meeting. Authors should upload missing posters by emailing them to

Downloadable Posters

001. Cooperation Creates a Custom Crate: Conservation, Laser Scanning, 3D Milling, and Crate Building Work Together Lynda Zycherman, Conservator of Sculpture, Museum of Modern Art; and Steven K. O’Banion, Smithsonian Conservation Fellow, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture GardenPDF6.07 MB Download
003. Negotiating Obsolescence in a Functional Media Sculpture: Nam June Paik’s Untitled (Piano) Emily Hamilton, Assistant Objects Conservator, Saint Louis Art Museum; and Glenn Wharton, Time-Based Media Conservator, Museum of Modern ArtPDF1.60 MB Download
005. Removing Modern Accretions: Hot-Melt Adhesive, Chewing Gum, and Pressure Sensitive Tape Rebecca Summerour and Sarah Owens, Fellows, NMAI; Shannon A. Brogdon-Grantham, Student, Winterthur/University of Delaware; Marian Kaminitz, Head of Conservation and Susan Heald, Textile Conservator, NMAIPDF2.70 MB Download
007. Responsible Stewardship: Exploring Sustainability within Conservation Christian Hernandez, recent graduate, Fashion Institute of TechnologyPDF309.54 KB Download
008. When Modern Materials Fail: Rehabilitation of a Taxidermy Orangutan from the Buffalo Museum of Science Fran Ritchie, Conservation Student, Objects Major, Buffalo State College; Jonathan Thornton, Objects Professor, Buffalo State College; Aaron Shugar, Conservation Scientist, Buffalo State CollegePDF2.16 MB Download
010. Beverly Pepper’s Denver Monoliths and Concrete Artificial Rock Construction Kate Moomaw, Assistant Conservator for Modern and Contemporary Art, Denver Art MuseumPDF2.34 MB Download
012. Community Engagement in the Conservation of a War Museum Collection Jennifer O’Connell and Sophie Lewincamp, Centre for Cultural Material Conservation, The University of MelbournePDF975.38 KB Download
013. Does That Root Have an MSDS? Obstacles and Opportunities Observed in Developing a Reference Collection of Historic Organic Colorants Cindy Connelly Ryan, Preservation and Testing Division, Library of CongressJPG2.95 MB Download
023. Restoring an American Treasure: The Exhibition and Public Conservation of The Panorama of the Monumental Grandeur of the Mississippi Valley Nicole Pizzini, Technician, Parma Conservation; Heather White, Technician, SLAM; Jacqueline Keck, Intern, Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum; Mark Bockrath, Conservator, Barbara A. Buckley & Associates; 7 Claire Walker, Asst Painting Conservator, SLAMPDF4.75 MB Download
028. A Mixed-Media Approach to Digital Fills Ashley Jehle, Graduate Student in Art Conservation, Buffalo State College; Jonathan Thornton, Professor of Objects Conservation, Buffalo State College; Dan Kushel, Professor Emeritus of Technical Examination and Documentation, Buffalo State CollegePDF1.03 MB Download
030. Testing Velvet for a William Merritt Chase Shadowbox Frame Lauren Ross, Senior Conservation Technician for Paintings and Frames, Baltimore Museum of Art; Miranda Dunn, Pre-Program Conservation Intern at The Baltimore Museum of ArtPDF2.78 MB Download
031. A New Method of Paper Pulp Fills for Drawings Affected by Mold Damage Marina Ruiz Molina, IMLS Grant Recipient, Metropolitan Museum of ArtPDF4.93 MB Download
035. When Due Diligence isn’t Enough: Revisiting the Question of Case Materials Julie Lauffenburger, Assistant Director, Division of Conservation and Technical Research, and the William B. Ziff, Jr. Conservator of Objects, Walters Art MuseumPDF2.52 MB Download

Missing Posters

  1. The Use of Menthol as a Temporary Consolidant in Art Conservation
    Xiangna Han, Ph. D. Candidate, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Xiao Huang, Professor, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; and Hongjie Luo, Professor, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Shanghai University
  1. Acetic Acid Off-Gassing in Clamshell Enclosures
    Allison Brewer, Undergraduate Candidate for a BFA in Art History, University of Kansas
  1. Other Policies for the Archive: Poetic Discourses in Videobrasil Collection
    Ana Pato, Ph.D. Student, Department of History at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of São Paulo; and Eduardo de Jesus, Professor, College of Communication and Arts, Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
  1. XRF study of Mexican Iron Gall Inks: An Historical and Geographical Overview of Their Chemistry
    Jocelyn Alcantara-Garcia, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow, Heritage Science for Conservation Program, Johns Hopkins University
  1. Contemporary Issues in Conservation: Making Conservation an Accessible Discipline
    Jessica Caudill, MA Public History Candidate, East Carolina University; Susanne Grieve, Director of Conservation, East Carolina University
  1. 13. Treatment Considerations of the Double-sided, Oversized Painted Textile: A Case Study of the National Treasure, “Flag of the Formosa Republic”
    Jen-Jung Ku, Research Assistant and Conservator, National Museum of Literature, Taiwan; Chou-Chun Lu, Technical Specialist, National Palace Museum, Taiwan
  2. Molecular Modeling and Conservation
    Erica Stafford, Sarah Balinskas Fine Art Framing
  3. pXRF Analyses of Louise Herreshoff’s Paintings in Relation to CdS Degradation Issues
    Erich S. Uffelman, Cincinnati Professor of Chemistry at Washington and Lee University; Patricia A. Hobbs, Associate Director/Curator of the University Collections of Art and History, Washington and Lee University; Derek A. G. Barisas, senior Biochemistry major at Washington and Lee University; Jennifer L. Mass, Senior Scientist and Director of the Scientific Research and Analysis Laboratory, Conservation Department, Winterthur Museum
  4. The Albright-Knox Art Gallery: Managing Media in the Archive and the Collection
    Crystal Sanchez, Moving Image Archivist
  1. Publishing in Conservation Journals in Latin-America: Achievements, Challenges, and Perspectives in the Contemporary World
    Dr. Isabel Medina-González, Senior Conservator, INAH
  2. Fat Content in Collagen Based Adhesives: Assumptions and Investigation Results
    Sofia Rydell, Assistant Furniture Conservator, Period Furniture Conservation
  3. My Friend Flickr: How a Reservoir of 6 Billion Images Can Shape the Work of Restoration
    Barbara Mangum, Conservator, Sculpture and Decorative Arts Conservation, LLC
  4. Monitoring Museum Collections Environments Using Wireless Technology: A Case Study
    Gretchen Anderson, Head of the Conservation Division, Carnegie Museum of Natural History; Paul Kreitler, Project Engineer, Landmark Facilities Group, Inc; and John Lyon, Operations Manager, Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh
  5. Batch Treatment of Special Collection Books
    Lauren Calcote, 2012 Graduate of the Art Conservation Department, Buffalo State College
  1. Contextualising the Japanese Textile Collection at RSL ANZAC Village War Museum, Narrabeen to Inform its Display and Long-Term Preservation
    Lisa Yeats, Graduate of the Masters of Materials Conservation course, Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation, The University of Melbourne, Australia
  2. A Paper-Based Alternative to the Oddy Test
    Marcie Wiggins, Undergraduate Student, University of Maryland, College Park; and Eric Breitung, Library of Congress, Preservation Research and Testing Division
  3. Exploring the Impact of Slag on the Corrosion of Archaeological Iron
    Eric Nordgren, PhD candidate, and David Watkinson, Head of Conservation, Cardiff University, UK
  4. Reversibility Study of Atomic Layer Deposition Films as Diffusion Barriers for Silver Artifacts
    Amy Marquardt, Graduate Research Assistant and PhD candidate, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Maryland; Eric M. Breitung, Library of Congress; Richard Ash; Terry Drayman-Weisser and Glenn Gates, Walters Art Museum; Gary W. Rubloff, and Ray J. Phaneuf, University of Maryland.
  1. Investigating the Internal Structures of Gessoes with XµCT
    Ashley Freeman, Art Conservation Program, Queen’s University; Michael Doutre, Art Conservation Program, Queen’s University; Alison Murray, Art Conservation Program, Queen’s University; George Bevan, Department of Classics, Queen’s University; and Laura Fuster-López, Instituto Universitario de Restauracion del Patrimonio, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
  1. The Art_Con<server>: How Conservation Professionals Make Use of Online Resources
    By the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network
  2. Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy of Paint Binding Media
    Kathryn A. Dooley, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, George Washington University, and National Gallery of Art; Carolyn Carta, National Gallery of Art; Julian Rocha, Department of Chemistry, George Washington University; Maya-Jean Pause, Department of Chemistry, George Washington University; John K. Delaney, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, George Washington University, and National Gallery of Art; Costanza Miliani, CNR-ISTM & SMAArt c/o Università di Perugia, Dipartimento di Chimica; Marcello Picollo, Institute of Applied Physics “Nello Carrara”, National Research Council (IFAC-CNR); Suzanne Lomax, National Gallery of Art; and Murray H. Loew, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The George Washington University
  3. Loosening Tightly Bound Records for Digitization
    Steven Loew, Book and Paper Conservator, National Archives and Records Administration; and Gail Harriman
  1. Conservation of Shelburne Museum’s 1926 Artizan Carousel Organ
    Richard. L. Kerschner, Director of Preservation and Conservation; and Nancie Ravenel, Objects Conservation