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  1. 19th-Century Photography in a Modern Chemistry Lab
    Dr. Corina Rogge, Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor in Conservation Science, Art Conservation Department, Buffalo State College; and Dr. Anikó Bezur, Andrew W. Mellon Research Scientist for The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and The Menil Collection, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
    Poster #1
  2. Ancient Binders for Roman Concrete: The Accuracy of the Scientific Descriptions in Vitruvius’ de Architectura
    Kevin A Wohlgemuth, Conservation Intern, Preservation Department, Arizona State Museum
  3. Applications Of metigoMAP Software: From Large Scale Mapping to Micro-Scale Measurements
    Julia Burdajewicz, Post-graduate Intern, Painting Conservation, National Gallery of Art
  4. Beyond Book Repair: Expanding the Role of Conservation at the Yale University Library
    Christine McCarthy, Chief Conservator, Preservation Department, Special Collections, Yale University Library, Yale University
    Poster #4
  5. Characterization of Traditional Japanese Colorants in Woodblock Printing using Multispectral Imaging: A Case Study
    Gwenanne Edwards, Paper Conservation Fellow, Conservation Division, Library of Congress; Cyntia Karnes; and Lynn Brostoff
    Poster #5
  6. Community Conservation in the Andes: Possibilities and Learning
    Boris Marquez, Manocomunidad Municipal Rio Yanamayo, Peru (LACS)
    Poster #6
  7. A Comparison of Microfading Test System Configurations at The Menil Collection
    Maria Greene; Dr. Anikó Bezur, Andrew W. Mellon Research Scientist for The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and The Menil Collection, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; and Jan Burandt
  8. Conservation Documentation Practices in Academic Research Libraries: Documentation at Risk?
    Laura McCann
    Poster #8
  9. Conservation in the Spotlight: Maintaining Public Access to the Staffordshire Hoard While Delivering a Conservation Program
    Ellen Promise, Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Conservation, class of 2012; and Deborah Cane, Dip. Cons., MA, ACR, Staffordshire Hoard Conservation Manager, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham, UK
    Poster #9
  10. Conservation of Archaeological Sites in Atacama Desert: The Geoglyphs of Chug Chug
    Francisca Gili Hanisch, Conservator, Specialty Archaeology, Archaeological Laboratory of the National Centre of Conservation and Restoration (CNCR)
    Poster #10
  11. Creative Endeavors and Expressive Ideas: Emerging Conservators Engaging through Outreach and Public Scholarship
    Submitted by the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network
    Poster #11
  12. Crossing the Boundaries Between Conservation Disciplines in the Treatment of Asian Thangkas
    Camille Myers Breeze, Director, Museum Textile Services; and Kate Smith, Conservator in Private Practice
    Poster #12
  13. The Cycle is Broken: From Smuggling to Public Policies for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage
    Ana Carolina Delgado Vieira, Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology—University of São Paulo (MAE/USP) (LACS)
    Poster #13
  14. Designed by Sekka, Printed by Unsôdô: A Study of Pigments in Japanese Woodblock Prints from the Dawn of the 20th Century
    Nicole Garcia; Dr. Anikó Bezur, Andrew W. Mellon Research Scientist for The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and The Menil Collection, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; and Tina Tan
  15. Desiré Charnay’s Panoramic View of Mexico City
    Diana Lorena Díaz–Cañas, and Maria Estíbaliz Guzman Solano, Adjunct Professors, National School for Conservation (ENCRyM) (LACS)
    Poster #15
  16. Development of a Pigmented Wax/Resin Fill Formulation for the Conservation of Paintings
    Christine McIntyre, Art Conservation Program, Buffalo State College; and James Hamm
    Poster #16
  17. Digital Infilling on Japanese Prints
    Melody Chen, Independent Conservator
    Poster #17
  18. An Easy Protocol for the Determination of the Botanical Origin of Natural Resins fromBursera that Joins the Use of Infrared Spectroscopy and X-Ray Diffraction
    Delia Paola Lucero Gomez, Carole Mathe, and Cathy Vieillescazes, Laboratory of Chemistry Applied to Restoration of Artistic and Archeological Patrimony, University of Avignon, France; Lauro Bucio, Physics Institute, UNAM, Mexico; and Irma Belio, Biomaterials laboratory, Autonomous Sinaloa University, Mexico
    Poster #18
  19. Education and Public Outreach at the Heritage Resources Conservation Laboratory: A Case Study at California State University, Chico
    Georgia Fox, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Calfornia State University, Chico
  20. Evaluation of Ultraviolet Filtration by Glazing and Display Case Materials
    Morgan Simms Adams, Graduate Student, Conservation Center, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University; Steven Weintraub, Founder, Art Preservation Services; and Hannelore Roemich, Conservation Center, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
    Poster #20
  21. From Communication to Conservation: The Use of Photography as an Assessment Method in the National Museums of Chile
    Josefina López, CONSERVARTS (private practice)
  22. The Historic Museum of La Cruz, Chile: Significance and Challenges
    Claudia Fabiola Farias Abarca, Head Curator, Historic Museum of La Cruz, Chile
    Poster #22
  23. How the Excavation Techniques of the 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries Determined the Fate of Opus Vermiculatum Mosaics at Pompeii
    Kevin A. Wohlgemuth, Conservation Intern, Preservation Department, Arizona State Museum
  24. The Introduction of a Multidisciplinary Approach in Contemporary Art Restoration in Chile: The Successful Case of Restoring the Work of Jose Ventunelli
    Javiera Carola Gutiérrez Ibañez, Licenciada en Arte con Mención en Restauración, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; and Carolina Cox Mujica, Licanciada en Historia, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Master en Historia y Gestión de Patrimonio Cultura, Universidad de los Andes, Chile (LACS)
    Poster #24
  25. Library and Archives Conservation Education Needs: Results of a Study of Current Practitioners
    Jennifer Teper, Conservation Department, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; and Laura Bedford, Assistant Book Conservator, Book Conservation Department, Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC)
    Poster #25
  26. Patterns of Degradation and Their Relation to Ceramic Production Technology
    Marilen Pool, Brunella Santarelli, and Dr. Nancy Odegaard, Department of Preservation, Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona
  27. Preliminary Analysis in Diversifying Museum Studies: American Indians in Conservation
    Martina Dawley
    Poster #27
  28. Preliminary Results from an Investigation into the Color Shift from Purple to Brown in a Set of Madder-Dyed Cylinder-Printed Furnishing Fabrics from the Winterthur Museum
    Anne Getts, Graduate Fellow, Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation; and Joelle D. J. Wickens, Assistant Conservator and Winterthur Associate Professor, Winterthur Museum
    Poster #28
  29. Preservation Collaboration—Academic and Public Library
    Holly Prochaska, Head of Preservation Services, Preservation Services Department, University of Cincinnati; and Jason Buydos, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
  30. Promoting Conservation in the Archaeological Site of el Purutal, San Agustin World Heritage Site, Colombia
    Maria Paula Alvarez Echeverry, Corporación Proyecto Patrimonio, Columbia
    Poster #30
  31. Reaching Out/Looking In
    Emily Williams, Conservator of Archaeological Materials, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
    Poster #31
  32. The Recovery of St. Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Wall Paintings, Port-au- Prince, Haiti: An Assistant’s Perspective
    Junior Norelus, Le Centre du Sauvetage des Bien Culturales, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (LACS)
    Poster #32
  33. Restoration of the 1930s Point Farm Gardens and Landscape of Rose Greely
    Betty L. Seifert, Curator, Administration Department, Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum
  34. The Sacrifice by James Nachtwey: Gallery Installation of a 32 ft. 3in.-long Photograph with Flexible Magnets
    Stephen Heer, Mountmaker, J. Paul Getty Museum
    Poster #34
  35. Salt Damage Related to Physical Properties of Ceramics
    Brunella Santarelli
    Poster #35
  36. Silver Content Survey of Southwestern American Indian Silver Jewelry
    Ida Pohoriljakova, Post-Graduate Fellow, Conservation Department, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology; Dave Smith, Adjunct Conservation Scientist, Teresa Moreno, Associate Conservator, and Nancy Odegaard, Head of Preservation, Arizona State Museum
    Poster #36
  37. Structural Stabilization with Visual Integration of Hooked Rugs: A Technique for Filling Lost PileGretchen Guidess, Mellon Fellow, Conservation Department, Historic New England
    Poster #37
  38. Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer: How a Ceiling-Mounted Digital Camera Helped to ImprovePreservation and Access to a Quilt Collection
    Gaby Kienitz, Head Conservator, Mary Jane Teeters-Eichacker, Curator of Social History, and Steve Happe, Chief Photographer and Photo Archivist, the Indiana State Museum

    Poster #38
  39. A Tale of Two Systems: Synergy in Managing Risks to People and to Collections
    Catherine Hawks, Conservator, Research and Collections Department, NMNH, Smithsonian Institution; and Robert Waller, President, Protect Heritage Corp.
    Poster #39
  40. Tell Us Your Story! Preserve Your Story!
    Karen Jones, Book and Paper Conservator in Private Practice
    Poster #40
  41. Testing, Analysis, and Conservation of a 1566 Tyndale Bible
    Ashley L. Bartman, Conservation Assistant, Ohio State University Libraries, Ohio State University
    Poster #41
  42. Two Conservators, 10 Million Objects: Advancing Conservation within the National Park Service
    Brynn Bender, Senior Conservator, and Dana Senge, Objects Conservator, Intermountain Region Museum Services Program, National Park Service
    Poster #42
  43. Under, Over, and in the Mix Of: A Practical Guide to Telling the Difference Between Types of Polychrome Decoration on English Earthenware Figures
    Lauren Fair, Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
    Poster #43
  44. The Use of Orasol Dyes for In-situ Recoloring of Taxidermy Specimens at the American Museum of Natural History
    Becca Pollak, MA and Certificate of Advanced Study in Art Conservation student,Buffalo State College; Julia Sybalsky, Conservation Fellow, American Museum of Natural History; Elizabeth Nunan, Assistant Conservator, Natural Sciences Conservation Department, American Museum of Natural History; Judith Levinson, Director of Conservation, Anthropology Division, American Museum of Natural History; Lisa Elkin, Chief Registrar and Director of Conservation, American Museum of Natural History; and Dr. Corina Rogge, Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professor in Conservation Science, Art Conservation Department, Buffalo State College
    Poster #44
  45. Connect or Disconnect: A "Musselled" Moore Replica Becomes a Conservation Dilemma
    Nancy Binnie, Senior Conservation Scientist, Treatment and Collections, Fine Arts, and Furniture Department, Canadian Conservation Institute, Ontario
  46. Educating To Preserve
    Janet Díaz Navarro, Directora del Programa de Conservación Patrimonial y Servicios Bibliotecarios, Milenis Curbelo, Oficial de Programa de Conservación Patrimonial y Servicios Bibliotecarios, Antonio Núñez Jiménez Foundation of Nature and Humanity (FANJ), Cuba
  47. The Female Conservator as Protagonist in Modern Mystery Novels: A Demographic and Psychographic Profile
    Cassie E. Johnson, Student