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2012 Posters

These are poster from our 40th Annual Meeting (2012). Authors should post missing posters by emailing them to
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001. 19th-Century Photography in a Modern Chemistry LabPDF2.85 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
004. Beyond Book Repair: Expanding the Role of Conservation at the Yale University LibraryPDF1.86 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
005. Characterization of Traditional Japanese Colorants in Woodblock Printing using Multispectral Imaging: A Case StudyPDF4.82 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
006. Community Conservation in the Andes: Possibilities and LearningPDF3.16 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
008. Conservation Documentation Practices in Academic Research Libraries: Documentation at Risk?PDF510.14 KB10 Apr, 2013 Download
009. Conservation in the Spotlight: Maintaining Public Access to the Staffordshire Hoard While Delivering a Conservation ProgramPDF2.00 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
010. Conservation of Archaeological Sites in Atacama Desert: The Geoglyphs of Chug ChugPDF266.67 KB10 Apr, 2013 Download
011. Creative Endeavors and Expressive Ideas: Emerging Conservators Engaging through Outreach and Public ScholarshipPDF7.77 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
012. Crossing the Boundaries Between Conservation Disciplines in the Treatment of Asian ThangkasPDF2.07 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
013. The Cycle is Broken: From Smuggling to Public Policies for the Conservation of Cultural HeritagePDF2.50 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
015. Desiré Charnay’s Panoramic View of Mexico CityPDF583.93 KB10 Apr, 2013 Download
016. Development of a Pigmented Wax/Resin Fill Formulation for the Conservation of PaintingsPDF335.74 KB10 Apr, 2013 Download
017. Digital Infilling on Japanese PrintsPDF1.93 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
018. An Easy Protocol for the Determination of the Botanical Origin of Natural Resins from Bursera that Joins the Use of Infrared Spectroscopy and X-Ray DiffractionPDF4.85 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
020. Evaluation of Ultraviolet Filtration by Glazing and Display Case MaterialsPDF2.49 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
022. Historical Museum of La Cruz, its importance, projections and challengesPDF934.49 KB10 Apr, 2013 Download
024. The Introduction of a Multidisciplinary Approach in Contemporary Art Restoration in Chile: The Successful Case of Restoring the Work of Jose VentunelliPDF4.97 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
025. Library and Archives Conservation Education Needs: Results of a Study of Current PractitionersPDF1.12 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
026. Patterns of Degradation and Their Relation to Ceramic Production TechnologyPDF2.22 MB11 Apr, 2013 Download
027. Preliminary Analysis in Diversifying Museum Studies: American Indians in ConservationPDF852.36 KB10 Apr, 2013 Download
028. Preliminary Results from an Investigation into the Color Shift from Purple to Brown in a Set of Madder-Dyed Cylinder-Printed Furnishing Fabrics from the Winterthur MuseumPDF105.42 KB10 Apr, 2013 Download
030. Promoting Conservation in the Archaeological Site of el Purutal, San Agustin World Heritage Site, ColombiaPDF533.03 KB10 Apr, 2013 Download
031. Reaching Out/Looking InPDF1.12 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
032. The Recovery of St. Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Wall Paintings, Port-au- Prince, Haiti: An Assistant’s PerspectivePDF1.27 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
034. The Sacrifice by James Nachtwey: Gallery Installation of a 32 ft. 3in.-long Photograph with Flexible MagnetsPDF3.86 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
035. Salt Damage Related to Physical Properties of CeramicsPDF861.83 KB10 Apr, 2013 Download
036. Silver Content Survey of Southwestern American Indian Silver JewelryPDF1.56 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
037. Structural Stabilization with Visual Integration of Hooked Rugs: A Technique for Filling Lost PilePDF2.81 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
038. Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer: How a Ceiling-Mounted Digital Camera Helped to ImprovePreservation and Access to a Quilt CollectionPDF1.31 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
039. A Tale of Two Systems: Synergy in Managing Risks to People and to CollectionsPDF1.23 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
040. Tell Us Your Story! Preserve Your Story!PDF1.85 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
041. Testing, Analysis, and Conservation of a 1566 Tyndale BiblePDF1.19 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
042. Two Conservators, 10 Million Objects: Advancing Conservation within the National Park ServicePDF2.18 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
043. Under, Over, and in the Mix Of: A Practical Guide to Telling the Difference Between Types of Polychrome Decoration on English Earthenware FiguresPDF1.31 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download
044. The Use of Orasol Dyes for In-situ Recoloring of Taxidermy Specimens at the American Museum of Natural HistoryPDF4.33 MB10 Apr, 2013 Download