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2015 Posters

We list posters presented at the 43rd Annual Meeting in 2015 below. We add posters to this list as we receive them. The title is hyperlinked where posters are available. Poster authors should send their posters in PDF or JPEG format to

Read the abstracts for all posters: 

  1. The Application of Analytical Techniques in Art Conservation
    Sarah Talcott, second year student at Trinity College majoring in Biochemistry; Henry DePhillips, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, Trinity College
  2. Source Identification of Mesoamerican Obsidian Using X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
    Emily Hamilton, Associate Objects Conservator, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Dr. Jeffery Ferguson, Research Assistant Professor, University of Missouri
  3. Cowboy Conservation: Treatment of a Taxidermy Leatherback Turtle in Cordova, Alaska
    Fran Ritchie, Conservation Fellow, National Museum of the American Indian
  4. The Conservation of a Pair of Sandals from the King Tutankhamen Collection
    Safwat Mohamed Sayed Ali, Conservator, The Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo
  5. Testing Dry-Ice Cleaning on Archaeological Wrought Iron from the USS Monitor
    William Hoffman, Senior Conservator for the USS Monitor Project, The Mariners' Museum
  6. Testing the Sealing of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) to Prevent Corrosive Emissions
    Rachel Greenberg, Objects Conservator, Monmouth County Archives
  7. Analysis of Rock Deterioration in Naqsh-e Rostam Relief by Geospatial Technology
    Azadeh Ghobadi, PhD Candidate in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Art University of Isfahan, Iran, Faculty of Conservation; Mohammad Amin Emam, Assistant Professor, Art University of Isfahan, Iran; Hesam Aslani; Jenoos Gashasy
  8. New Light on the Surface of Art Objects in the Conservation Studio with a 3D Digital Hirox Microscope Mounted on an XYZ Stand
    Jaap J. Boon, Art Researcher, JAAP Enterprise for Art Scientific Studies, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Emilien Leonardt, Hirox Europe, Limonest, France
  9. No Plough? No Problem! A Method for Constructing a Low-Budget Bookbinding Plough for Conservators
    Kathy Lechuga, Book Conservator, The Indiana Historical Society
  10. Watermark Capture and Processing with the Light Wedge
    Meghan Wilson, Preservation Imaging Specialist, Library of Congress; Fenella France, Chief, Preservation Research and Testing Division, Library of Congress
  11. Microclimatic Monitoring for the Assessment of the Conservation Conditions of the Stucco Statues in the UNESCO Site of the Longobard Temple in Cividale del Friuli -- Udine (Italy)
    Adriana Bernardi, Senior Researcher, Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, National Research Council, Padova, Italy; Francesca Becherini, Researcher, Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, National Research Council; Alessandra Quendolo, Associate Professor, Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (DICAM); Maria Di Tuccio, Research Fellow, Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, National Research Council; Arianna Vivarelli, Research Fellow, Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, National Research Council
  12. Preventative Conservation and Flood Risk Management: The Microclimatic Monitoring of the New Outfitting in Santa Croce Museum in Florence -- Italy
    Francesca Becherini; Adriana Bernardi; Arianna Vivarelli; Maria Di Tuccio, all Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, National Research Council, Italy
  13. Conservation Treatment of Early Printed Books: Possibilities, Methodologies, and Outcomes
    Jennifer Hunt Johnson, Graduate Student, SUNY Buffalo State; Gary Frost, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Conservator Emeritus, Conservation Laboratory, University of Iowa Library; Laura Schell, Paper Conservator in Private Practice; Judith C. Walsh, Professor of Paper Conservation, Art Conservation Department, SUNY Buffalo State College
  14. Strategic Manuevers: How the Preservation Lab Helped Move Special Collections Storage at the Public Library of Cincinnati
    Ashleigh Schieszer, Library and Archives Conservator, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County; Holly Prochaska, Preservation Librarian, University of Cincinnati Libraries
  15. Optical Options and (Challenges) Opportunities
    Fenella G. France, Chief, Preservation Research and Testing Division, Library of Congress; Meghan Wilson, Preservation Imaging Technician in PRTD, Library of Congress
  16. Cast Iron, Salt Air, and 140 Years of Exposure: Cannon at Dry Tortugas
    Ronald Harvey, Conservator / Principal, Tuckerbrook Conservation LLC; Nancy Russell, Museum Curator, South Florida Collection Management Center, Everglades National Park
  17. Artificial Aging of an Emulsified Acrylic Artists’ Material: Ultraviolet Light, Visible Light, and Heat
    Michael Doutre; Ashley Freeman; Alison Murray, Associate Professor; all of Queen’s University
  18. One Wall, Many Challenges: The Conservation of Late Roman Painted Wall Plaster at Sardis
    Jessica Pace, Project Objects Conservator, Brooklyn Museum; Eve Mayberger, Student, NYU Conservation Center; Harral DeBauche, Student, NYU Conservation Center
  19. Is this a Library or a Museum? Preserving Mixed Collections at the National Library of Trinidad and Tobago
    Danielle J. Fraser, Library Conservator, NALIS, Port of Spain, Trinidad
  20. A Study of the Light Sensitivity of Birch Bark Part 1: Exposure to Visible Light (no UV)
    Carole Dignard, Senior Objects Conservator, Canadian Conservation Institute; Season Tse, Senior Conservation Scientist, Canadian Conservation Institute; Sonia Kata, Objects Conservator, Canadian Conservation Institute
  21. Bringing Science to Your Doorstep: Northwestern University/Art Institute of Chicago Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts
    Johanna Salvant, Postdoctoral fellow in Conservation Science, NU-ACCESS; Francesca Casadio, Co-director / Andrew W. Mellon Senior Conservation Scientist, NU-ACCESS / Art Institute of Chicago; Katherine Faber, Co-director, NU-ACCESS / Art Institute of Chicago; Monica Ganio, Postdoctoral fellow in Conservation Science, NU-ACCESS; Marc Walton, Senior scientist, NU-ACCESS
  22. Conservation Through Conversation: Material and Meaning in the Work of Dario Robleto
    Desirae Peters, 4th year graduate student, Conservation Center, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, Intern, Smithsonian American Art Museum
  23. TRI-Funori™: A Fixative, Cleaning Agents and Light Adhesive for Objects and Architectural Conservation
    Rod Stewart, President, Historic Plaster Conservation Services, Ontario; Neal Mednick, Communications Director, Historic Plaster Conservation Services; Masumi Suzuki, Conservator, Historic Plaster Conservation Services
  24. Formation of a Long-Term Preservation Plan for a Computer Program by Siebren Versteeg
    Alexandra Nichols, Graduate Fellow, Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation; Nicholas Kaplan, Collection Assistant, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden; Andrew Doucette, Time Based Media Coordinator, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
  25. Fighting the Illicit Trade in Cultural Heritage: How Conservation Professionals are Helping
    Harriet F. “Rae” Beaubien, Research Associate, Smithsonian - Museum Conservation Institute; Jessica S. Johnson, Head of Conservation, Museum Conservation Institute, Smithsonian Institution (Handout)
  26. How Big is a Big Map? Large Map Digitization for Preservation and Access
    Deardra Fuzzell, Cartographic Technology Specialist, Stanford University
  27. Conservation in a Construction Environment
    Kumiko Hisano, Architectural Conservator, EverGreene Architectural Arts
  28. Dynamic Artwork Lighting and Conservation
    Octavio Luis Perez, PhD Graduate Student, Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center; Anqing Liu, PhD Candidate, Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center; Michael Shur, Professor at RPI and PhD Advisor, Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center
  29. The Smithsonian Interview Project: Questions on Technical Standards in the Care of Time-Based and Digital Art
    Crystal Sanchez, Time-Based Media Art and Digital Art Working Group member and Video and Digital Preservation Specialist, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Smithsonian
  30. Worst Case Scenario: Preparing Alberta’s Archives for Future Disasters
    Emily Turgeon-Brunet, Lead Conservator, Archives Society of Alberta; Amanda Oliver, Lead Archivist, Archives Society of Alberta
  31. Format Migrations at Harvard Library: General Framework and Plan Development
    Joey Heinen, National Digital Stewardship Resident, Harvard Library; Andrea Goethals
  32. Reproduction Challenges in Federal Style
    Rian Deurenberg-Wilkinson, Conservator, Fallon & Wilkinson, LLC; Randy S. Wilkinson, Principal, Fallon & Wilkinson, LLC
  33. Conserving and Interpreting Two Bird Pendants from the mid-Chincha Valley, Peru
    Colleen O’Shea, Graduate Intern in Objects and Textile Conservation, Asian Art Museum; Jacob Bongers, Graduate student, UCLA/Cotsen Institute of Archaeology; Henry Tantalean
  34. Sustainable Energy Reduction from Relaxed Environmental Criteria in Five Canadian Cities
    William P. Lull, President, Garrison/Lull Inc.
  35. Finding the Point of No Return: The Irreversible Effect of Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure
    Jiuan Jiuan Chen, Assistant Professor, Art Conservation Department, SUNY Buffalo State; Jennifer McGlinchey Sexton, Conservator of Photographs, Paul Messier LLC; Paul Messier, Founder, Paul Messier LLC; Rebecca Ploeger, Assistant Professor, Art Conservation Department, SUNY Buffalo State
  36. Creation of the Mecklenburg Materials Archive at the Museum Conservation Institute, Smithsonian Institution
    Dr. Dawn V. Rogala, Paintings Conservator, Museum Conservation Institute, Smithsonian Institution; Dr. Gwénaëlle M.C. Kavich, Postdoctoral Fellow, Museum Conservation Institute, Smithsonian Institution (Handout)
  37. Intersection of East and West – A Record of Rescuing the Historic Archives of Pe'h-ōe-jī in the Thai-peng-keng Maxwell Presbyterian Church
    Jen-Jung Ku, Research Assistant and Conservator, National Museum of Taiwan Literature; Jia-fen Wu, Paper Conservator, Cheng Shiu University Conservation Center
  38. A Practical and Versatile Microscope Imaging System!
    Victoria Binder, Associate Paper Conservator, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
  39. Material Range and Treatment Compatibility: Board Edge Consolidation with the Use of Japanese Paper
    Anahit Campbell, Student, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
  40. Enlightening Approaches to Indo-Persian Carpets
    Raquel Santos, Assistant researcher/PhD student, Department of Conservation and Scientific Research (DCSR), Freer|Sackler, Smithsonian Institution; Dr. Ana Claro, Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón, Universidad de Zaragoza; Dr. Blythe McCarthy, Department of Conservation and Scientific Research (DCSR), Freer|Sackler, Smithsonian Institution; Dr. Jessica Hallett, Portuguese Centre for Global History (CHAM), Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  41. The Syrian Heritage Initiative: Planning for Safeguarding Heritage Sites in Syria
    Kyra Kearcher, Leon Levy Foundation Research Assistant, Ur Digitization Project, Penn Museum; Kurt Prescott; LeeAnn Gordon, Project Manager for Conservation and Heritage Management, Syrian Heritage Initiative, ASOR
  42. An Interior Conditions Assessment of Mission San Jose de Tumacácori
    Rebecca A. Caroli, Graduate Student, Heritage Conservation, University of Arizona; Alex B. Lim, Architectural Conservator and Exhibit Specialist, National Park Service, Tumacácori National Historic Park
  43. Analyzing the Photostability of Artist Adhesives Using CIELAB Color Measurements
    Ashleigh N. Ferguson-Schieszer, 2013 Graduate of the Art Conservation Department, Buffalo State College; Dr. Aaron N. Shugar, Andrew W. Mellon Professor and Conservation Scientist, Buffalo State College; Judith C. Walsh, Paper Conservation Professor, Buffalo State College
  44. Egyptian Glass at the Freer Gallery of Art
    Ellen Nigro, National Endowment for the Humanitites Conservation Fellow, Chrysler Museum of Art; Blythe McCarthy, Andrew W. Mellon Senior Scientist, Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; Ellen Chase, Objects Conservator, Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
  45. Conservation on a Rare Botanical Specimen Decorated Book: A Case Study on Du Pan Fang-ge's Diary
    Jen Jung Ku, Research Assistant and Conservator, National Museum of Literature, Taiwan; Wan-Jen Lin, Paper Conservator, Cheng Shiu University Conservation Center
  46. Smartphone Colorimeter Technology: Practical Applications for the Conservator
    Kimberly Frost, Conservation Technician, Caryatid Conservation Services, Inc.; Sarah Towers, Conservation Technician, Caryatid Conservation Services, Inc.
  47. Collaborative Solutions for Preserving and Displaying Works by Self-Taught Artists James Castle and Mingering Mike
    Catherine I. Maynor, Paper Conservator, Smithsonian American Art Museum
  48. In-situ X-radiography of a Monumental Oil Painting: Deconstructing a Giant
    Keara Teeter, Conservation Intern, Villanova University; Allison Rabent, Conservation Intern, Villanova University; Kristin deGhetaldi, Painting Conservator, Independent Contractor; Anthony Lagalante, Professor of Chemistry, Villanova University; Brad P. Thorstensen, Chemistry Machinist/Instrument Technician, Villanova University
  49. Intentionally Left Blank
  50. Using an Integrated Approach to Achieve Exhibit Goals for the Glittering World: Navajo Jewelry of the Yazzie Family 
    Kelly McHugh, Objects Conservator, National Museum of the American Indian; Janelle Batkin-Hall, Student, Buffalo State University; Reka Sarfy, student; Sasha Rivers, Student/Enrolled member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, Salish Kootenai College Tribal Historic Preservation Program
  51. The Materiality of Painted Documents: Between History and Preservation
    Márcia Almada, Professor, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – Escola de Belas Artes, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  52. Conservation, Lifting the Veil: To Teach in Order to Conserve
    Alicia Barreto, Anthropologist and Conservator/Paper Restorer, Figari Museum -- Uruguay Department of Education and Culture, Montevideo, Uruguay
  53. Documentation Systems as Tools for Contemporary Art Conservation: A Conceptual Model Study Case for Performance Art
    Gabriel Bevilacqua, Professor, Information Science Department, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  54. The Practical and Real Effects of Theory in Conservation
    Ximena Paola Bernal Castillo, Coordinator of Research and Publications on cultural heritage/Coordinator of Family Album collection, Instituto Distrital de Patrimonio Cultural, Bogota, Colombia
  55. Rest in Peace? Challenges in the Storage of Mummified Human Remains, Regional Museum of Antofagasta, Chile
    Daniela Bracchitta, Conservator-Restorer of Cultural Heritage, National Center of Conservation and Restoration (Centro Nacional de Conservación y Restauración), Santiago, Chile
  56. The Candelaria Cave Textiles: A Conservation Project
    Leslie Julieta Cabriada Martínez, Conservator, Instituto Nacional De Antropología E Historia, Atizapan De Zaragora, Mexico; Carla Silai Silva García, Intern of Archaeology
  57. A 16th-Century Spanish "Nao" Shipwreck Found on the Quebrado de Fuxa (Pinar del Rio, Cuba): Wood Identification and Analysis
    Raquel Carreras, Graduate in Biology Science, PhD. Forestry Science, National Union of Cuban’s Writers and Artist
  58. 'We are Well in the Shelter, the 33 of Us’: Preserving a Message of Hope
    María Soledad Correa, Paper Conservator, Centro Nacional de Conservación y Restauración, Santiago, Chile
  59. New Trends at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires
    Mercedes Isabel de las Carreras, Chief of the Collection Management Department, National Museum of Fine Art in Buenos Aires
  60. Research and Conservation of the Ruins of the First Mining Camp Built by the Spanish in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    Santiago Duval, Manager of the Department of Archaeology, Dirección Nacional de Patrimonio Monumental, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  61. Collaboration with Artists as a Strategy for Conserving Contemporary Art
    Ingrid Frederick, Preventive Conservator, Banco De La Republica, Bogota, Colombia
  62. Conservation and Restoration of Special Books of the General Archive of the Council
    Sonia Merizalde Aguirre, Licenciada En Restauracion Y Museologia, Universidad Tecnologica Equinoccial, Quito, Ecuador
  63. Conservation of the Enos Nuttall Papers
    David Mohammed, Supervisor, National Library of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica
  64. APOYOnline Association for Heritage Preservation of the Americas: 25 Years Building Communication Bridges in the Americas 
    Amparo Rueda Arciniegas, International Consultant and Trainer on Preventative Conservation, Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia, Beatriz Haspo, Collections Officer, CALM Division, Library of Congress, Escarlet Silva, Member Director, APOYOnline 
  65. The Preventive Conservation as a Tool: Experiences in the Cooperative Interinstitutional Project for Institutions in Rio de Janeiro
    Milagros Vaillant Callol, Responsible of the Group of Conservation and Restoration from de National Union and Cuban Writers (UNEAC)/Independent Adviser in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, National Union of Artists and Cuban Writers (UNEAC), La Habana, Cuba
  66. Proposal for Intervention in the Historic Monuments: Safeguarding, Preservation and Caretaking in Historical Greenhouse at Instituto Florestal of São Paulo, Brazil
    Cristina Lara Corrêa, Conservator And Research Associate, GT Zeladoria do Patrimônio Histórico Edificado Paulista (SAMAS-SP), São Paulo, Brazil
  67. Confronting and Linking Restoration Theory to Reality: Field Practices at the National Restoration School
    Lilian Garcia-Alonso Alba, Professor, Escuela Nacional De Conservación, Restauración Y Museografía Del Instituto Nacional De Antropología E Historia (INAH), Mexico City, Mexico
  68. Expression Imposed or Superposed: Reintegration of Paper-based Artifacts According to the Custodian’s Needs
    Magdalena Grenda, paper conservator, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Warsaw, Poland
  69. The conservation of a Roman- Egyptian mummy mask, Case study
    Fatma Zaid and Mahmod Hassan El behairy, Objects Conservators, The Grand Egyptian Museum, Conservation Center, Egypt
  70. "Ideal” Versus “Possible” in Field of Scientific Investigation Nowadays
    Marcia Rizzo, Professor of Superior Conservation Course / conservator, PUC- SP Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil
  71. Two Treatments: Too Much Versus Too Little? Brancusi and Man Ray Contrasted
    Alison Norton, Paper Conservator, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden
  72. Modular Mount for pre-Columbian Tunics
    Robin Hanson, Associate Conservator of Textiles, Cleveland Museum of Art; Philip Brutz, Mountmaker, Cleveland Museum of Art; Carlo Maggiora, Principle, Carlo Maggiora LLC, Museum Mountmakers
  73. Study of the Effect of the Enzyme Protease that Used in Textile Conservation on Cotton Fibers Dyed Natural Dyes
    Dr. Harby E. Ahmed, Conservation Department, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, Egypt
  74. Wynning Wynwood: Preserving Iconic Street Art
    Viviana Dominguez, Art Conservator, Art Conservators Lab LLC, Francesca de Onis-Tomlinson, Television and Documentary Producer, Tomlinson de Onis Production
  75. SEM vs. Micro-Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) for Examining Tool Marks on Jade
    Julie Lauffenburger, Assistant Director of Conservation and Technical Research, The Walters Art Museum; Keats Webb, The Museum Conservation Institute; Paul Messier, Paul Messier LLC
  76. Observations on the Use of OCT to Examine the Varnish Layer of Paintings
    Derek Nankivil, Fitzpatrick Scholar, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Duke University; Adele DeCruz, Departments of Chemistry and Biology, Duke University; Joseph A. Izatt, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Duke University 
  77. Comparison of Klucel G Pre-made Mending Tissue Using Isopropanol and Ethanol and Three Methods of Reactivation
    Erin Kraus, Conservator, Missouri State Archives 
  78. Cyclododecane as Temporary Consolidant for Asbestos-Containing Fill Material in Historic Osteology Specimens
    Rebecca Kaczkowski, Kress Conservation Fellow, National Museum of History, Smithsonian Institution; Michael Hunt, Industrial Hygienist, Office of Safety, Health & Environmental Management, Smithsonian Institution; Catharine Hawks, Museum Conservator, National Museum of National History, Smithsonian Institution; Charles Potter, Collection Manager of Marine Mammals, Division of Mammals, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution; Kathryn Makos, Industrial Hygienist/Research Collaborator, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
  79. Combining Indigenous Practices and Modern Technology in the Conservation of Archival Material in Stella Maris College, Chennai: A Case Study
    Gita Balachandran, Archivist, Stella Maris College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  80. Conservation of Historical Documents with Silver Supported Chitosan Nanofibers
    Güncem Özgün Eren, Graduate Student, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey; Cansu Noberi; Cengiz Kaya; Figen Kaya
  81. Doing the Most in a Triage Situation
    Steven Pickman, Contract Conservator, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution; Sharon Norquest, Contract Conservator, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution
  82. Analyzing and Retreating Copper Alloy Artifacts from the USS Monitor
    Kathleen M. Sullivan, Conservator, The Mariners’ Museum 
  83. Orange is the New Red – The Repainting of Robert Murray’s Duet (Homage to David Smith)
    Julia Langenbacher, Research Lab Assistant, The Getty Conservation Institute; Rachel Rivenc, Associate Scientist, The Getty Conservation Institute; Rosa Lowinger, Principal and Senior Conservator, Rosa Lowinger & Associates – Conservation of Art and Architecture;  Christina Varvi, Associate Conservator, Rosa Lowinger & Associates – Conservation of Art and Architecture; Brian Trimble, Interim Director, University Art Museum, California State University, Long Beach
  84. Active, Supportive, and Flexible: The Evolving Role of Book Conservation in Digitisation Projects
    Flavio Marzo, Conservation Studio Manager, British Library, Qatar Foundation Partnership
  85. Illuminating the Martyred Saint: Conservation and Analysis of a Stained Glass Panel from Canterbury
    Mary Clerkin Higgins, Owner, Conservator, Clerkin Higgins Stained Glass, Inc.; Angela Chang, Assistant Director and Objects Conservator, Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies, Harvard Art Museums; Katherine Eremin; Stephan Wolohojian; Georgina Raynor 
  86. Parchment Mystery, Assessment and Comparison the Ratio of Degradation between the Interior Parts of Parchment and the Edges, Case Study
    Moamen Othman; Fatma Zaid; and Mahmod Hassan El behairy, Objects Conservators, The Grand Egyptian Museum, Conservation Center, Egypt
  87. Hand in Hand: Conservation of Latex. Working with contemporary artist Susie MacMurray on flock-lined latex gloves for A Mixture of Frailties Part I
    Martha Singer, Principal, atelier de conservation, llc 
  88. Hand in Hand: Conservation of Latex. Working with contemporary artist Susie MacMurray on flock-lined latex gloves for A Mixture of Frailties Part II
    Jason Church, Materials Conservator, National Center for Preservation Technology and Training; Martha Singer, Principal, atelier de conservation, llc
  89. Varsho in Dezful: An Ethnographic Report of the Transition of Cultural Material into Cultural Heritage
    Sharareh Samangani; Dean Sully, Lecturer, UCL Institute of Archaeology, London
  90. Magnets as an Alternative to Velcro
    Gwen Spicer, Textile, Upholstery, and Objects Conservator, Spicer Art Conservation, LLC; Mike Dunphy, Project Manager, SmallCorp
  91. Preservation Of The Sacred Cross Of Chalpon, Motupe, Peru
    Cesar Maguiña Gómez, Conservator, Instituto Americano de Investigacion y Conservacion, Chiclayo, Peru
  92. Using XRF for the Identification of Chrome Tanning in Leather
    Bruno P. Pouliot, Senior Objects Conservator and Affiliate Professor in Art Conservation, Winterthur Museum; Dr. Jennifer Mass, Senior Scientist, Scientific Research and Analysis Laboratory, Winterthur Museum; Lara Kaplan, Objects Conservator in Private Practice, Lara Kaplan Objects Conservation, LLC
  93. An Extreme Case of Byne's Efflorescence: A Novel, Two-Pronged Approach to Consolidation
    Bruno Pouliot, Senior Objects Conservator and Affiliate Professor in Art Conservation, Winterthur Museum; Claire Curran, Graduate Fellow in the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation, Class of 2015