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Poster Session

We have grouped the posters from our 49th Annual Meeting topically. You can read the abstracts and author biographies in our online program or download the poster files we have received. If you have not received instructions for uploading your poster, email

Abstracts and Author Biographies

Downloadable Posters


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Preserving Heritage Preservation-A website exploring the organization's historyPDF5.59 MB11 Jan, 2022 Download
Dealing with Death and Digital AssetsPDF4.35 MB11 Jan, 2022 Download

Book, Paper, Photo Care, and Research

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28 Feet Long-1910 Railroad Elevation Map Conserved and DigitizedPDF3.70 MB11 Jan, 2022 Download
Balancing Tertiary Institutions' Expansion Drive with Conservation Needs of their LibrariesPDF336.06 KB11 Jan, 2022 Download
Between Originality and FunctionalityPDF844.20 KB11 Jan, 2022 Download
Aluminum Foil as Cathodic Protector to Prevent Silver Mirroring - Mohamed HendyPDF490.43 KB11 Jan, 2022 Download
Preservation of a 15th Century Spanish AntiphonaryPDF602.43 KB11 Jan, 2022 Download
A Delicate Balance-Preparing a Parchment Fragment for PosterityPDF9.26 MB11 Jan, 2022 Download
Examination of the Effects of Various Water Emergency Scenarios on Inkjet Prints Past to PresentPDF4.61 MB11 Jan, 2022 Download
Collection Care Solutions for Plastics in Library and Archival CollectionsPDF1.04 MB11 Jan, 2022 Download
Leather Selection and UsePDF3.01 MB11 Jan, 2022 Download
Inquisition on the Photochemical Degradation of Silver Gelatin Photograph Print-OutPDF256.14 KB11 Jan, 2022 Download
Tidelines Too Hot to HandlePDF1.88 MB11 Jan, 2022 Download
Reproduction of an 18th Century Paper Mould and DecklePDF794.24 KB11 Jan, 2022 Download

Emerging Conservation Professionals

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Knowledge Is PowerPDF2.01 MB18 May, 2021 Download
AIC’s Emerging Conservation Professionals Network Liaison ProgramPDF627.11 KB03 May, 2021 Download


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Approaches to Collaborative Conservation at the Field Museum During the Age of Covid-19PDF4.12 MB11 Jun, 2021 Download
Tough Love for Magnesium - Daniel RavizzaPDF4.97 MB01 Jun, 2021 Download
Restoration of the Foster Victorian Bird DisplayPDF15.44 MB20 May, 2021 Download
Application Methods of a Black Resin Layer on the Funerary Equipment from the New Kingdom to the Ptolemaic era of EgyptPDF4.77 MB19 May, 2021 Download
Identifying 3D Manufacture TechniquesPDF2.09 MB14 May, 2021 Download
Restructuring the LSU Herbaria After Doubling in SizePDF5.75 MB07 May, 2021 Download
Markings Of The Turning PointPDF1.14 MB03 May, 2021 Download
A Minimally Invasive Treatment on an Eglomise Looking GlassPDF5.63 MB03 May, 2021 Download
Out with the old and in with the new storage conditions in the Yale Babylonian CollectionPDF543.50 KB03 May, 2021 Download
Evaluation of Two-Part Barrier Systems to Prevent Siloxane Staining on Porous SurfacesPDF1.36 MB03 May, 2021 Download
The Use of Additive Manufacturing Technology for the Aesthetic Restoration of Ceramic and Glass Artefacts, The Research So Far PDF650.86 KB03 May, 2021 Download
Objects of PowerPDF1.76 MB03 May, 2021 Download
Shifu-The Ancient Craft of Handmade Paper Thread and Its Application in the Treatment of a Hupa Indian Basketry HatPDF4.57 MB26 Apr, 2021 Download
The Aqueous Cleaning of The Surveying of Washington DC by Benjamin Banneker PDF1.18 MB30 Mar, 2021 Download


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Migration of Colors-Digital Consolidation and Mapping of Material Art HistoryPDF906.96 KB11 Jan, 2022 Download
Data Visualization for Understanding Widespread Efflorescence Formation on a Collection of Oil Paintings by Edwin Austin AbbeyPDF6.68 MB11 Jan, 2022 Download
Cleaning of Matte White Polyvinyl Acetate Paint with Nanorestore GelsPDF2.99 MB11 Jan, 2022 Download


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Beyond Stain ReductionPDF3.31 MB27 May, 2021 Download
An Atypical Approach for a Typical Problem Loss Compensation for a 19th Century QuiltPDF2.47 MB03 May, 2021 Download