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2014 Posters

These posters were presented at the 42nd Annual Meeting in 2014.

  • We will add posters to this list as we receive them. Poster authors should send pdfs or jpgs of their posters to
  • Read the poster abstracts in the document below.

Uploaded Posters

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
2014 Abstract Books - PostersPDF268.54 KB01 Jul, 2014 Download
Review of Shipping Containers as Storage Options for Cultural Properties and Suggested Low-Cost Solutions for their Improvement, Phase IPDF2.40 MB01 Jul, 2014 Download
RTI in Paper Conservation: A Review of Current Practices and ApplicationsPDF2.77 MB01 Jul, 2014 Download
The Role of Temperature on the Loss of Physical and Optical Properties of Newsprint: An Assessment of Deacidification and Subzero Freezer Storage for the Long-Term Preservation of Newspapers in their Original FormPDF2.03 MB22 Jul, 2014 Download
From Pen to Press to Paper—McCutcheon’s Political Cartoons and How They Were PrintedPDF3.23 MB22 Jul, 2014 Download
Preserving Decorative Metalwork at the Legislative Assembly of OntarioPDF1.01 MB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Adhesive Smackdown: Consolidating a Synthetic Leather Wrestling CostumePDF1.64 MB22 Jul, 2014 Download
The Development of an Aqeous Gel Testing Procedure for the Removal of Inorganic Salt CrustsPDF2.53 MB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Study and Treatment of Coastal Alaskan Native Kayak Models at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard UniversityPDF1.16 MB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Evaluating and Choosing Sheer OverlaysPDF3.33 MB25 Jul, 2014 Download
Transformation of Personal Grooming Tools into Paper Perforating PensPDF1011.81 KB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Evaluation of Consolidants for Leather with Red Rot: The Search for a Natural Material AlternativePDF1.26 MB09 Jul, 2014 Download
An Investigation of Painted Wood Shields from 3rd Century Dura-EuroposPDF8.60 MB24 Jul, 2014 Download
Uncovered and Unconventional: Preserving Works on Paper and Photographs on Open DisplayPDF3.55 MB30 Jul, 2014 Download
Earthquake Mitigation: Adapting the Collections for Seismic Activity at The University of British Columbia Museum of AnthropologyPDF1.25 MB09 Jul, 2014 Download
The Key to Sustaining Conservation: Student Leadership & Community OutreachPDF878.72 KB22 Jul, 2014 Download
Applying New Techniques on a Traditional Adhesive for Book ConservationPDF255.76 KB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Documentary Heritage Conservation in Mexico: A perspective on the XXI centuryPDF4.64 MB15 Jul, 2014 Download
Reflections on the Conservation of the Choir Books Collection of the National Museum of Viceroyalty (Tepotzotlán, Mexico)JPG669.75 KB22 Jul, 2014 Download
Conserving Tape In, Around, and Under Paintings: Recent Case Studies from Modern and Contemporary Paintings Collection at the American Art MuseumPDF4.02 MB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Contemporary Analog and Digital Color Photographic Prints: Dye and Pigment Print Process Descriptors, Naming Conventions, Dating, and Permanence CharacteristicsPDF975.86 KB22 Jul, 2014 Download
Undoing the New: Conservation of 21st Dynasty Egyptian Coffins and Impact of unsustainable treatments in the 20th centuryPDF3.58 MB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Untitled Project: A Cross-Disciplinary Investigation of JODI’s Untitled GamePDF1.51 MB28 Jul, 2014 Download
Disaster Recovery and Sustainable Choices—Cologne City Archive: Five Years after the Collapse, Which Decisions for the Future?PDF6.05 MB07 Aug, 2014 Download
Study of pH-Sensitive and Reversible Aqueous Acrylic Coatings for Cultural HeritagePDF3.01 MB23 Jul, 2014 Download
Prioritizing Treatment in Collections Conservation Using Shared ResourcesPDF1.28 MB10 Jul, 2014 Download
More than Meets the Eye: Eularian Video Magnification Applications for Conservation ResearchPDF5.35 MB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Pulp Addiction: The Use of Dry Cast Pulp for Seamless Repairs in Works on PaperPDF4.88 MB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Cast Pulp Paper-An Alternative to Traditional Repair Materials for Infills in Book and Paper Conservation PDF2.02 MB01 Aug, 2014 Download
Conservation Documentation with Digital MappingPDF1.70 MB22 Jul, 2014 Download
Consolidant Application for Polyurethane Ester Foam: The Treatment of a Headset from NASA’s Skylab MissionsPDF736.62 KB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Map It Out: Visualising Data For Sustainable Collections Management at The National Archives UKPDF843.57 KB09 Jul, 2014 Download
The Humming Bird 2: Using Fosshape as an Alternative Backing for Fiber Art SculpturePDF1.60 MB09 Jul, 2014 Download
The Digital Portfolio in the Conservation FieldPDF6.70 MB10 Jul, 2014 Download
The Use of Cyclododecane as a Temporary Fixative for Loose Surface Media on Paper to Allow Mechanical Conservation TreatmentsPDF2.13 MB22 Jul, 2014 Download
Multispectral and Computational Imaging Methods for Documentation of a 19th Century British Landscape PaintingPDF3.96 MB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Conservation of a 17th Century Baroque Oil Painting as a Collaborative Research and Instructional ToolPDF1.00 MB09 Jul, 2014 Download
History Unfolded: Conservation Treatment and Housing of 18th-Century Printed Paper FansPDF724.17 KB22 Jul, 2014 Download
Roy Lichtenstein’s Time Magazine Cover of Robert F. Kennedy: His Working MethodPDF736.55 KB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Life Cycle Assessments of Museum Loans and Exhibitions: Four Case Studies at the Museum Fine Arts, BostonPDF4.10 MB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Multispectral Imaging (MSI) with a Modified Monochrome DSLR CameraPDF4.08 MB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Oil on Paper: New Challenges for Two SpecialtiesPDF995.45 KB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Changing habits: from the fumigation chamber to IPM practicePDF2.74 MB09 Jul, 2014 Download
Conservation Challenges: The Art Museum of the Banco de la Republica of Colombia Reinstallation ProjectPDF472.88 KB22 Jul, 2014 Download
Tzauhtli, the ideal textile adhesive? A Natural Alternative to Adhesives used in Textile RestorationJPG1.85 MB25 Jul, 2014 Download
Collection Management against the ClockPDF3.36 MB24 Jul, 2014 Download
Analysis of Decay Rates of Paper Samples Naturally Exposed in Library Environments in a Subtropical Location PDF406.39 KB24 Jul, 2014 Download
Small Island Realities: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Conservation and Collections Management Practices in BarbadosPDF6.28 MB25 Jul, 2014 Download
Preventive Conservation of Ensembles: Moorish Pavilion and Collections at Fundação Oswaldo CruzPDF2.42 MB22 Jul, 2014 Download
Conservation of Special Collections - Ludwig von Mises Library, GuatamalaPDF397.52 KB30 Jul, 2014 Download
Investigation into Microclimates within Storage Boxes of Archival RecordsPDF603.63 KB10 Jul, 2014 Download
The Restoration of a Roman Urn with free running Erbium: YAG Laser, at 2.94µm: Science in the Service of ArtPDF1.07 MB27 Aug, 2014 Download
The IMAT: A New Performance Tool for Heat Transfer and Innovative Applications for Art ConservationJPG3.87 MB30 Jul, 2014 Download
Conservation Treatment of Large Books with Colored Illustrations; Or, Can We Wait For The Magic Bullet?PDF1.45 MB01 Aug, 2014 Download
Recovery and Discovery: A New Look at an Old PotJPG2.44 MB10 Jul, 2014 Download
New Approaches in Comprehensive Mold Remediation & RecoveryJPG5.00 MB23 Jul, 2014 Download
Photoshop® Assisted Spectroscopy – An Economical and Non-Destructive Method for Tracking Color ShiftJPG4.30 MB31 Jul, 2014 Download
Hand-colored Photographs: History, Identification and ResearchJPG4.15 MB10 Jul, 2014 Download
Thermally and Photochemically Re-Workable Epoxy Adhesives for Use in Artifact RepairPDF946.92 KB10 Jul, 2014 Download
Criteria for Preservation Assessment of a Heritage Site on Cerro Nevado Island, AntarcticaPDF4.44 MB28 Jul, 2014 Download

Pending Posters

10. Verdigris Pigment Properties and Degradation Studies: Part I
Lynn B. Brostoff, Senior Scientist and the Analytical Services Liaison, Preservation Research & Testing Division, the Library of Congress; Cynthia Connelly Ryan, and Alessandra Gambardella

12.  Recent ASHRAE Standards and Research on Gaseous Phase Air Filtration with Applications for Conservation Environments
William Lull, President, Garrison/Lull Inc.

18.  Conservation of a 17th-Century Chinese Painting by Ding Yunpeng at the Missionary Ethnological Museum in the Vatican Museums (this poster has been removed according to author request)
Minah Song, Senior Paper Conservator, and Marianne de Bovis, NEA Fellow in Paper Conservation, Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts

24.  Disaster Response Ten Miles out to Sea
Nina Roth Wells, Founder, Nina A. Roth-Wells LLC; and Lauren R. Lewis, Paintings Conservator in Private Practice

25.  Preservation Scientific Reference Sample Collections: Sustainable Assessment of Collection Materials Deterioration
Fenella G. France, Chief of the Preservation Research and Testing Division, Library of Congress

35.  Chinese Polychrome Lacquered Wood Vessels from the Asian Art Museum: a Technical Study
Amy Y. Tjiong*, Project Conservator, Katherine A. Holbrow, Head of Conservation, and Mark Fenn, Associate Head and Objects Conservator, Asian Art Museum

36.  Garlic on Dutch Copper Plate Paintings from the 16th to 17th Centuries
Nicole Schmidt, Student, Buffalo State College class of 2014, and Corina Rogge, Andrew W. Mellon Research Scientist, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and the Menil Collection

48.  Moulds on Photographic Techniques and Maps Stored: A Case of Study
Sofia Borrego, Chief of the Preventive Conservation Laboratory / Researcher and Preservation Specialist, National Archive of the Republic of Cuba and Alian Molina

60.  Mitigating and Containing Damage during Emergency Clean-up: Protocols, Guidelines, Standards and Regulations
Karen H. Kahn, Art and Environmental Restoration Consultant

66. Infrared Fluorescence Analyses of Louise Herreshoff’s Paintings in Relation to CdS Degradation Issues
Samuel Florescu, Riley Hampsch, Erich S. Uffelman, Patricia A. Hobbs, Jennifer L. Mass

68. A Lesson Learned from Lucy: An Alternate Format for the Loan Condition Report
Ronald Harvey, Conservator/Principal, Tuckerbrook Conservation LLC; Dr. Nancy Odegaard, Dr. Vicki Cassman, Sofia I. Barron