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2016 Posters

We list posters from the AIC & CAC-ACCR Joint Annual Meeting and Conference below. Authors should add their poster to this list by emailing it to

Downloadable Posters

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002. Weathering the Unexpected - Lessons Learned in Keeping Seminole Cultural Property SafePDF1.86 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
006. What Should We Be Worried About and Who Cares - Updating Aanischaaukamikw's Emergency Preparedness PlanPDF3.51 MB14 Jun, 2016 Download
008. Fools Rush In - How to Create a Disaster Salvage Lab & Maintain Your SanityPDF4.29 MB29 Jun, 2016 Download
009. Collaboration as Preparation - Keeping Interest and Commitment to the Cycle of Disaster PreparednessPDF815.40 KB09 Jun, 2016 Download
012. Salvage Course Integrated into the Training for Conservators at the University of Applied Arts HeArc Neuchâtel, SwitzerlandPDF8.05 MB20 Jun, 2018 Download
013. Seismic Shock Cords - Preventive Conservation for Seismic RiskPDF539.64 KB09 Jun, 2016 Download
014. Biohazard Abatement - National Cathedral VandalismPDF8.89 MB24 Jun, 2016 Download
017. Chromolithography 1870-1930 - The Identification of Commercial Colour Lithography Processes, Ink Modifications and ConservationPDF3.11 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
020. Solvent Sensitivity of Water-Mixable Oil PaintsPDF1.54 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
021. Technical Analysis of Watercolor Pigments in Early American FrakturPDF276.67 KB09 Jun, 2016 Download
024. What Happened -- One Woman with Two FacesPDF1006.95 KB31 Aug, 2016 Download
025. Graphics Atlas - New Process Identification MethodologyPDF2.57 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
026. Comparison of Light Data LoggersPDF1.53 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
027. Analysis of Rock Deterioration in Naqsh-e Rostam Reliefs by GIS (Geographic Information Systems)PDF2.10 MB28 Nov, 2016 Download
028. Microorganisms Influence the Mechanisms of the Rock Erosion at Tang-e ChoganPDF2.00 MB28 Nov, 2016 Download
029. ABC Dry Chemical Powder and Cultural Materials - Cleaning Method EffectivenessPDF685.52 KB09 Jun, 2016 Download
030. Examining Paintings on Wood or Canvas Using 3D X-Ray Imaging with DigitomePDF3.44 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
032. Capturing Watermarks Using Reflectance Transform Imagin with 3D Modeling and Fast Fourier Transform ProcessingPDF1.17 MB21 Jun, 2016 Download
034. Discoveries and Challenges - Using XRF for an Inorganic Pesticide Contamination Survey at the Royal Saskatchewan MuseumPDF868.92 KB09 Jun, 2016 Download
035. A Presidential Frame Treatment - Monroe's LafayettePDF1.52 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
036. What's the Worst That Can Happen - Accelerated Testing of Conserved Waterlogged WoodPDF7.03 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
041. The Sectional Mannequin - A Unique Approach for First Nations ClothingPDF1.03 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
042. First Aid Strategies of Rare Ancient Egyptian Textiles in ExcavationPDF981.15 KB09 Jun, 2016 Download
043. Sending Clam Shells Across the Atlantic - Preparing the Alexander McQueen Razor Clam Dress for LoanPDF4.32 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
044. Feeling a Little Blue (Green) - Effort to Reduce Staining on a Flood Damaged Zuni TextilePDF1.86 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
045. A Mount for Preservation is Worth a Pound of Care - Rehousing Festival Hats at the Textile Museum of CanadaPDF1.07 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
047. Valuable Techniques and Training in CraftPDF1.10 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
048. Textiles for Emergency Salvage - The Absorbency of Micro-Denier Textiles, and Other Standard Absorbent MaterialsPDF2.08 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
050. Encountering Unexpected Challenges in Okinawan Lacquer ConservationPDF3.83 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
051. A Lucky Break - Treatment of a Kinetic Sculpture by Fletcher BentonPDF1.09 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
52. The Falcon Mourned Over You- Considering the Intangible in Conserving Dissociated Ancient ObjectsPDF1.56 MB01 Mar, 2017 Download
53. Pacific Silvercloth - Recommendations for its Use as an Anti-Tarnish Agent in Silver CollectionsPDF2.38 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
56. Holy Ship! The Inadvertant Discovery of the Oldest Maryland-built ShipwreckPDF1.80 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
57. Restoration of Mahogany Veneer of a Mid-20th Century Spinet Piano from Severe Water DamagePDF1.31 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
59. Fire & Bone - A Technical Perspective on Charred Bone PigmentsPDF4.22 MB21 Jun, 2016 Download
62. Medieval and Early Modern Wax Pendant Seals - Examination, Treatment, and the Creation of Digital SurrogatesPDF2.06 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
65. Silica Gel to the Rescue - How to Survive a Winter Without HumidificationPDF1.26 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
66. The Miscellany of Henry Oxinden - or how dental floss, beading wire, and alligator forceps can be used to resew a book in situPDF859.05 KB09 Jun, 2016 Download
68. Assaying Klucel-G Recipes, Application Methods in the Surface Consolidation of Tanned Bookbinding LeathersPDF496.31 KB09 Jun, 2016 Download
69. Revealing Hidden Text on Botanical Specimens from 1911PDF3.95 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
70. Curing the Cure - Treatment of a Manuscript Disinfected Post TB ExposurePDF762.30 KB09 Jun, 2016 Download
71. Board Reattachment Decision Guide for Joint FailurePDF1.52 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
72. Mapping the Illustrated Wanderings of a Canadian Soldier during the First World War - Reconstructing 14 SketchbooksPDF5.68 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
73. A Comparative Study of Cotton Blotter, Evolon and Tek-Wipe as Absorbent Supports for Paper Conservation TreatmentPDF1.05 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
74. Further Researches in the Preservation and Conservation of Letterpress CopybooksPDF1.81 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
77. Borane Tert-Butylamine Complex - Ageing Properties of Residual Materials Left in Treated Paper ObjectsPDF700.25 KB09 Jun, 2016 Download
78. The Storage of Architectural Drawings - An Alternative Honeycomb for Rolled ProjectsPDF1.24 MB21 Jun, 2016 Download
79. Bone Folders for Book and Paper Conservation - An In-Depth ExaminationPDF3.87 MB21 Jun, 2016 Download
80. A Case for the Proclamation of the Constitution - Access and Preservation of Prestigious DocumentsPDF2.19 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
81. The Use of a Laser Level in Creating Cushioning for the Transport of ObjectsPDF1.50 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
83. Let There be (Less) Light! A Comparison of Selected Radiation-blocking Window FilmsPDF443.50 KB09 Jun, 2016 Download
84. Mixing It Up - An Investigation Into 'Low-Tech' Methods for Reconditioning Silica GelPDF666.88 KB09 Jun, 2016 Download
85. Prioritize Collections Without Losing Your Mind!PDF1.19 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
86. Development of Descriptive Terminology for Inkjet-printed Photographs and Fine ArtPDF606.72 KB09 Jun, 2016 Download
87. Preserving and Digitizing Andrew J. Russell's Collodion Glass Plate NegativesPDF4.80 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
88. Sheer Practicality - A Multi-purpose Conservation Mount for Paper NegativesPDF2.57 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
89. Light Sensitivity of Inuit Prints from Cape Dorset - Colour Monitoring and Microfade TestingPDF759.49 KB09 Jun, 2016 Download
90. Lingua Franca - A Common Language for Conservators of Photographic MaterialsPDF7.77 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
91. Study for Approaching Mold Problems on Photographic Materials Using Antifungal Agent and Enzyme SheetPDF1.43 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
93. Teaching Conservation in IranPDF1.29 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
94. Achieving Cultural Heritage Preservation Through Professional PartnershipPDF1.95 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
96. A Conservation Records Network (ACORN) - Conservation Documentation at the Weissman Preservation Center, Harvard LibraryPDF1.00 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
100. Sustainable Strategies for Mechanical System Operation in Collection EnvironmentsPDF2.05 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
101. Emergency Preparedness for Academic MuseumsPDF1.49 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
102. Baseline for the Conservation State of Pre-Inka and Inka Mining Complex of San José del Abra - Identification of Risks and Measures of Monitoring and ControlPDF3.26 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
103. Copper Based Pigment Alteration From Diaguita CulturePDF588.70 KB13 Jun, 2016 Download
105. Identification of Gesso Scagliola in the Tomb of the Royal Family (Muhammad Ali) at El Imam El Sharpie AreaPDF2.08 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
106. The Documentation and Conservation Study of King Tutankhamen's War CuirassPDF1.92 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
114. Natural disasters and Cultural Heritage - the Italian CasePDF3.21 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download
115. Architectural Strategies for Collections Preservation During and After a Natural DisasterPDF25.32 KB09 Jun, 2016 Download
116. The Painting Materials and Techniques of Artist Feyhaman DuranPDF4.35 MB14 Jun, 2016 Download
120. The June 7th 1962 Algiers University's Library Arson - A Bigger Crime Behind the FirePDF4.08 MB09 Jun, 2016 Download

Missing Posters

  1. Testing a Model for Multi-Faceted Engagement and Maximized Efficiency for Collection Response Under Restricted Time
    Nancy Odegaard, Conservator Professor, Arizona State Museum - University of Arizona, Marilen Pool, Project Conservator, Arizona State Museum - University of Arizona, Christina Biscula / Gina Watkinson, Conservation Scientist / Laboratory Coordinator, Arizona State Museum - University of Arizona, Elizabeth Burr, 3rd Year Graduate Conservation Intern (UCLA), Arizona State Museum - University of Arizona, Nicole Peters, 3rd Year Conservation, Arizona State Museum - University of Arizona
  1. Collaborations for Safety: A Team Approach to Writing Emergency Procedures Plans
    Karen Nourse Reed, Assistant Professor and Education Librarian, Middle Tennessee State University
  1. Elements of 9/11 in Focus
    Fenella France, Chief, Preservation Research and Testing Division, Library of Congress
  1. Aden’s Ancient Cisterns: Historic Preservation, Water Management and Disaster Avoidance Edith A. Dunn, PhD, Conservator/Historic Preservation Specialist
  2. Response to the Burning of the Scientific Library in Cairo, Egypt
    Cheryl Porter, Director, Montefiascone Project
  1. The Identification of Natural Indian Yellow and other Historic Late 19th Century Pigments from the Toulouse-Lautrec Estate in France
    Aaron N. Shugar, Andrew W. Mellon Associate Professor of Conservation Science, Buffalo State, SUNY, Rebecca Ploeger, Assistant Professor of Conservation Science, Buffalo State, SUNY
  2. 16. Investigating the Story Beneath: The Examination and Treatment of Charles Baugniet’s “Washington’s Birthday”
    Erica Schuler, Samuel H. Kress Fellow in Paintings Conservation, Indianapolis Museum of Art
  1. Technical Investigation and Reattribution of Tintoretto’s Apollo and the Muses at the Indianapolis Museum of Art
    Fiona Beckett, Clowes Conservator of Paintings, Indianapolis Museum of Art
  2. Determination of Binding Media in Easel Paintings: A Direct Analysis Method
    Henry DePhillips, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, Department of Chemistry, Trinity College, Jacqueline Busa, Student, Department of Chemistry, Trinity College
  1. Rescue of a Decorative Element of High Symbolic Value in the Old Convento Santa Teresa de Jesús
    Lisette Alvarez, Restorer and Conservator of Fine Arts, Monuments Restoration Company, City Historian’s Office, Luis Alberto Hernández Armas, Assistant Professor, practice of restoration of polychrome, Workshop School “Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos,” Historian City Office
  2. Re-examination of “While Baby Sleeps”
    Makedonka Gulcev, Graduate Student, Art Conservation, Queen’s University, Alicia Boutilier, Curator of Canadian Historical Art, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen’s University, Ron Spronk, Professor of Art History, Art History Department, Queen’s University, Alison Murray, Associate Professor, Art Conservation, Queen’s University
  1. The Adaptation of the Video Slider into a ‘Microscope Bridge’ as a Practical Alternative for Using a Stereomicroscope to Examine and Treat Oversize Flat Artifacts
    Seth Irwin, Paper Conservator, University of Hawaii Hamilton Library
  1. The Secret Language of Spray Paint
    Valerie Marlowe, Doctoral Candidate, University of Delaware
  1. 11th Hour Conservation: Salvaging the Historic Surf Club
    Bryon Roesselet, Architectural Conservator, EverGreene Architectural Arts
  2. Conservation of the Archaeological Site of Kotzia Square in the Center of Athens
    Vasileios Lampropoulos, Professor, Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, faculty of Graphic Arts and Artistic Studies of T.E.I. of Athens
  3. Conservation of Zappeion Roman Baths in the Center of Athens
    Vasileios Lampropoulos, Professor, Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, faculty of Graphic Arts and Artistic Studies of T.E.I. of Athens
  1. Liquick Leather! No Need for a Professional! … Or Is There?
    Lauren Calcote, Von Clemm Fellow, Boston Athenaeum
  1. Facing the Unknown-Conservation of an Anthropoid Clay Coffin from Tel Shadud, Israel Elisheva Kamaisky, Head, Pottery Conservation Unit, Israel Antiquities Authority
  1. Silver Maintenance at George Washington’s Mount Vernon
    Karl Knauer, Collections Conservator, George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Julie Flynn, UCL
  2. A Closer Look: In-depth Analysis of a Kokin-Bina Doll Megan Doxsey-Whitfield, Assistant Conservator, Queen’s University, Anne-Marie Guerin, graduate student, Queen’s University Master of Art Conservation
  1. What Lies Beneath: A study of the materials and techniques of Persian lacquerwork
    Katherine Eremin, Claire Grech, Australian Conservation Science Fellow, Harvard Art Museums, Katherine Eremin, Patricia Cornwell Conservation Scientist, Harvard Art Museums, Narayan Khandekar, Director of the Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies, Director of the Center for the Technical Study of Modern Art, and Head of the Analytical Laboratory, Harvard Art Museums, Mary McWilliams, Norma Jean Calderwood Curator for Islamic and Later Indian Art, Harvard Art Museums
  2. Materials and Techniques of Painted Islamic Manuscripts
    Katherine Eremin, Patricia Cornwell Conservation Scientist, Harvard Art Museums, Penley Knipe, Philip and Lynn Straus Conservator of Works on Paper, Harvard Art Museums, Claire Grech, Australian Conservation Science Fellow, Harvard Art Museums
  1. Calcium Hydroxide vs. Magnesium Bicarbonate: A 25 Year Natural Aging Experiment Betsy Palmer Eldridge, Conservator, Private Practice
  1. The Durability of Bamboo Paper: Ash content in paper cooked by different agents
    CHUNG, Chia-Jung, DC Student, Tokyo University of the Arts, INABA, Masamitsu, Professor; Ph.D., Tokyo University of the Arts, CHEN, Gang, Professor; Ph.D., Fudan University
  1. Silver Nanoparticle Sensors for Detecting Active Deterioration In Iron Gall Ink Drawings and Documents
    Rui Chen, Senior Conservation Scientist, Aging Diagnostic Laboratory, Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Yale University, Paul Whitmore, Director, Aging Diagnostic Laboratory, Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Yale University, Marie-France Lemay, Paper and Photographs Conservator, Center for Preservation and Conservation, Yale University Library, Yale University
  2. Pima Cotton Hinges
    Susan Peckham, Senior Paper Conservator, Library of Congress
  1. Conservation Issues of a Mass Digitization Project
    Rachel Greenberg, Mass Digitization Project Objects Conservator, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum
  1. Buddhist Diaspora Preservation Training: Expect the Unexpected
    Ann Shaftel, Project Director and Founder, Treasure Caretaker Training, Digital Monastery Project
  1. 50 Shades of Yellowback
    Allison Brewer, 2015 Ringle Summer Conservation Intern, University of Kansas Libraries
  1. Building Community: AIC Emerging Conservation Professionals Network Regional Liaisons Alexa Beller
  1. The Disastrous Copper: Comparing extraction and chelation treatments to face the threat of copper-containing inks on paper
    Sara Zaccaron, Postdoctoral fellow, Conservation & Preservation Department, The Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University, Patricia McGuiggan, Associate Research Professor and Principal Investigator Mellon Grant for HSC, Materials Science & Engineering Department, Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Mark Pollei, Senior Book Conservator and Acting Director for Conservation & Preservation, Conservation & Preservation Department, The Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University, Alessandro Scola, Book Conservator, Conservation & Preservation Department, The Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University, Ute Henniges, University Assistant, Div. Chemistry of Renewable Resources, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
  1. The Effect of De-Pest of Plant Extracts According Paper Works
    Raziyeh Taheri, Conservator, The Cultural Heritage Office of Semnan Province, Iran
  2. Holographic Archives for Endangered Collections
    John F. Asmus, Research Physicist, University of California, San Diego
  3. Optimized Laser Cleaning for the Conservation of the Ghiberti’s Doors at the North and East of the Baptistery in Florence, Italy
    Laura Bartoli, Conservation Technologies Specialists, El. En. S.p.A., Alessandro Zanini, Conservation Technologies Department Manager, El.En. S.p.A.
  4. Brown County Plan
    Louise Pfotenhauer, Collections Manager, Neville Public Museum of Brown County
  5. Unexpected Allies: Conservation and Health & Safety Colleagues
    Sherry Phillips, Conservator, Contemporary and Inuit Art Collections, Art Gallery of Ontario, Sandra Deike, Manager, Health & Safety, Art Gallery of Ontario
  6. Resilient Heritage: Protecting Your Historic Home From Natural Disasters
    Sarah Marie Jackson, Architectural Conservator, National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
  7. Diagnostic Imaging Techniques for the Identification of Tortoiseshell
    Lesley Day, Third Year Graduate Student, UCLA/Getty Program in Archaeological and Ethnographic Conservation, Ellen Pearlstein, Associate Professor, UCLA/Getty Program in Archaeological and Ethnographic Conservation
  1. Study of Drying Process and Recovery of Iron Gall Ink Manuscripts Affected by Flooding Janet Diaz Navarro, Directora Programa de Conservación Patrimonial y Servicios Bibliotecarios, Fundación Antonio Nuñez Jimenez de la Naturaleza y el Hombre
  1. Scientific Study about Dismantling and Re-Assembly of Limestone Stella, Housed in the Grand Egyptian Museum
    Ahmed Abd El-Rady Hassan, Conservator, Grand Egyptian Museum, Eman A. Elhanfe, Head of Stone and Mural Paintings Artifacts Lab, Conservation Center, Grand Egyptian Museum, Ahmed A. Hussein, Conservator, Grand Egyptian Museum, Mohamed Ragab, Conservator, Grand Egyptian Museum, Hussein Mohamed Kamal, Technical Director of Conservation Center, Grand Egyptian Museum
  1. Investigation into the Removal of Arsenic-Based Pesticides on Feathers Jae R. Anderson, Student, University of Arizona Materials Science and Engineering, Nancy N. Odegaard, Head of Preservation Division, Professor, Arizona State Museum / University of Arizona, Werner Zimmt
  2. When the Visitor Experience Goes Wrong: Unexpected Guest at Marisol Escobar’s The Party Suzanne Hargrove, Head of Conservation, The Toledo Museum of Art
  3. Disaster Response and Environmental Standards: A Misunderstanding? Andy Calver, Head of Care & Conservation, Imperial War Museums
  1. From Factory to Museum: A review of the of chemical corrosion models of float glass used for vitrines and the methods used to protect them with consideration for the future challenges presented by a changing climate
    Emma Moore, Scientist, ClickNetherfield Ltd., Alistair Williams, Operation Director, ClickNetherfield Ltd.